Constructive Dialogue®:Building and Repairing Trust

For Unit Managers, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Boards and Staff.

Constructive Dialogue teaches six –steps that can establish communication and build trust while providing performance feedback that will be understood.


Constructive Dialogue helps leaders engage employees as a collaborator in problem solving, encouraging 2-way conversation and information sharing.


Constructive Dialogue consists of a full-day practice review of the six steps, followed by a half-day practice session involving delivery of all six steps together.


  • Learn how to establish a collaborative intention and positive purpose.
  • Learn how to make the importance and impact of observed behaviors clear without loading your feedback with negative assumptions about the other person’s intentions.
  • Practice switching between advocating a point of view to inquiring about other’s point of view.
  • Based on the Constructive Dialogue® program authored by Don Boyd and Joel Sadowski, with additional material based on Michael Ray’s 30 years of experience in Conflict Resolution and Organization Development.