Facilitative Leadership

Bridging Differences and Building Connections that Work


              For Unit Managers, Team Leaders, Project Managers


A Facilitative Leader connects people in a work process, helps them coordinate efforts, and stimulates creation of a productive network of relationships that are largely self-regulating, reducing administrative overhead.


Facilitative Leadership complements hierarchical control, by expanding leadership capacity to bridge organizational silos and tap the inherent power of reciprocity that comes with social ties.


·      Learn how to lead groups in exploring divergent thinking in a project management or culture conflict context.

·      Learn how to employ a variety of interpersonal and problem-solving techniques to aid in the convergence of thinking in pursuit of a common value and purpose.

·      Utilizes the Facilitation Dynamics interactive DVD program authored by Ingrid Bens, with additional material based on Michael Ray’s years of experience forming and leading teams.

·      This is an action-learning program structured into five modules, with structured reflection in-between sessions.

Module 1 - Introduction to Facilitation-  Gives an overview of the role of the facilitator and shows techniques that prompt meaningful discussion.

Module 2 - Making Effective Decisions-  Describes the six decision-making options and shows them being used to make a complex series of decisions.

Module 3 - Creating Buy-In and Participation- Zeros in on the reasons people hold back and presents practical strategies to overcome resistance and gain full participation.

Module 4 - Managing Group Conflict- Explores the nature of group conflict and provides strategies for making effective interventions.

Module 5 - Facilitating Effective Meetings- Offers practical strategies for using facilitation tools in all types of meetings.