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   Organization Network Consulting

o   Social and Organizational Network Analysis - visualizing the self-management structure that exists, and building bridges to cross essential gaps.
o   Facilitative Leadership-planning and implementing systemic change - moving from control to collaboration.
o   Moving from a focus on process to a focus on innovation and change

  •  Facilitation Services
o   Strategic Planning with a Whole Systems Approach
o   Assessment: focus groups, feedback sessions
o   Managing Organizational Transition and Change Management

  •  Human Resource System Design
o   Collaborative Competency Development
o   Understanding Social Network Impacts on Recruitment, Hiring, and Performance Management
o   Implications of social networks for diversity and retention efforts

  • Instruction, Coaching and Convening
o   Meeting Effectiveness
o   Working with Diverse Personalities
o   Constructive Dialogue
o    Conversations that Build Trust
o    Self-Management Competency Development
o    Convening Communities of Practice

Managing the Social Side of Organizational Change
NetOrganizing Seminars make use of the life experience and ideas that individuals bring to the session. Think of it as facilitated learning, where the course content is always subject to testing and the practical demands of use. COURSES ARE OFFERED ON SITE.


Facilitative Leadership supports self-managed teams, the ability of participants to directly engage and solve problems with a minimum of micro-management from a superstructure of supervisors and managers. Self-management builds upon our evolutionary capacity to successfully regulate our relationships in small groups for productive outcomes, and harnesses the power of informal networks.

Managing Up, Down and Outside   The role of a manager involves managing up, down and outside the department or firm. Successful managers spend more time on the "managing out" piece of this triad. In this interactive two-hour session we facilitate a conversation with managers about cultivating connections outside our "Up and Down" realm of control, and how managers can cultivate productive relationships which complement the goals of the organization.

Constructive Dialogue: Restoring Trust  
  Miscommunication and untested negative assumptions dissolve trust and diminish our capacity for resilience and adaptation. How can the glue of trust be repaired?  Introduction to the practice of Constructive Dialogue shows how focused attention on your part can repair other's perception of your trustworthiness. Our short program provides an introduction that serves as a preview to a day-long skill-building program. It can also be used as a stand-alone program for building awareness of alternatives to conflict.

The Social Side of Change
Changes at work significantly impact our life in terms that can be hard to talk about: our economic status, our identity, and our grasp of the future. Because of these implications, we seldom get comfortable acknowledging change, or receive the attention and help needed to adjust to change. In this interactive two-hour seminar, we facilitate a conversation with managers and employees about how they can effectively engage changes at work, and how they can expand their connections to include contacts with resources that will make change easier to navigate.


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