2009-Now   President NetOrganizing and Consulting Associates

2008-2009   Human Resource and Organization Effectiveness Manager, University of Arizona Libraries, Tucson, AZ.

2000-2008   Assistant to the Dean, University of Arizona Libraries, Tucson, AZ.

1997-2000   Human Resources Partner, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

1996-1997   Director, Continuous Organization Renewal (CORe) Services, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

1992-1996   Human Resource Manager, Continuous Organization Renewal Services, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

1990-1992   Human Resource Manager, Employee Development and Training, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

1987-1990   Human Resources Specialist, Employee Development and Training, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

1984-1987   Partner, Powerful Partnerships Consulting, Tucson, AZ.

1975-1984   Member-Owner, New West Trails Publications, Tucson, AZ.

1974-1983   Member-Owner, AVIVA Counseling Cooperative, Tucson, AZ.

1972-1974   Program Coordinator, Human Growth and Development Office, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.



1999  Ph.D. in Educational Organization and Administration, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

1988   B.A. in Organization Development, Antioch College, San Francisco. 


2012  InFlow Social/Organizational Analysis License

2007-2008  NetForm® Social Network Analysis Licensee Certification, taught by Dr. Karen Stephenson.
2007   Project Planning and Management, Brigham Young University Sponsored training w/ Ernie Nielsen
2004   Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Certification Program, Tempe, AZ. taught by Meg Ellis.
2000   Constructive Dialogue® Training Certification, taught by Don Boyd and Joel Sadowsky.
1997   Managing Organizational Transition Certification, William Bridges and Associates-Ruth Morton.


Organization/Social Network Studies

2006-2007    University of Arizona Libraries Expertise Network, using UCINET/Netdraw

2008            GWLA/TRAIL Production Network staff study using NetForm.

2009            NetForm Community of Practice study with Ross Schifo, using NetForm

2009           RARE Conservation staff study with Rosanne Durruthy using NetForm

2009           Pima County Connectors leadership study with Dr. Karen Stephenson, using NetForm

2012           Partnering Resources study using InFlow




"OD Gets Wired" with Maya Townsend, Barbara Christian, Jo-Ann Hague, Deb Peck and Bauback Yeganch, OD Practitioner, Vol. 40, No. 4, 2008 pp. 62-65


"Finding Information in a New Landscape: Developing new service and staffing models for mediated information services" with Robyn Huff-Eibl, Robert Mitchell, Marianne Bracke, and Michael Brewer. College and Research Libraries, May 2007, Vol. 68, No. 3.


"Teams and the Control of Work: a case study at Arizona" in Teams in Library Technical Services, edited by Rosann Bazirijian and Rebecca Mugridge, Chapter 3, pp. 45-60.


"Rewarding Strategic Learning and Performance: a case study from Arizona" Library Administration and Management, Vol. 18, No. 3, Summer 2004, pp. 8-17.


"Quantifying Qualitative Data: Using LibQUAL+: Comments for Library-Wide Planning Activities at the University of Arizona," with Wendy Begay, Daniel Lee, and Jim Martin. Journal of Library Administration, Vol. 40, No. 3/4, pp. 111-119.


Invited paper and presentation: "Shifting Sands: the changing jurisdiction of Librarians in the scholarly communication process" at the Association of College and Research Libraries 10th National Conference, Denver, Colorado, March 17, 2001.


"Making Systems Visible" ARL: A Bimonthly Report on Research Library Issues and Actions from ARL, CNI, and SPARC, 208/209, Association of Research Libraries, February/April 2000, pp. 24-26.


Ph.D. Dissertation: "Shifting Sands: the jurisdiction of librarians in scholarly communication" The University of Arizona, December, 1999.

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  •  I provide organization development and management consulting, leadership training, facilitation, social network analysis and teambuilding for businesses and non-profit organizations.
  •  I combine an aptitude for empathic listening  with the ability to gather, analyze and clearly present data. I am a seasoned group facilitator, instructor and coach.
  • I am committed to self-managed workteams as a fact of superior performance and results, not as a tactic to be abandoned when inconvenient.
  • My practice conforms to the ethical requirements set out by the Institute of Management Consultants (See below).
  • I’ve integrated into my personal practice what I teach: respectful listening and calm asserting, appreciative inquiry, and the feedback of action learning.
  • My practice and personal biography is rooted in working and living closely with people who are different from me, and appreciating the difference that diversity brings.
  •  I am certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, certified to provide instruction in Transition Management and Constructive Dialogue, and licensed to provide NetForm Organization Network Analysis.

IMC Member Ethical Commitments

My Commitment to My Clients

1.0  I will serve my clients with integrity, competence, independence, objectivity, and professionalism.

2.0  I will mutually establish with my clients realistic expectations of the benefits and results of my services.

3.0  I will only accept assignments for which I possess the requisite experience and competence to perform and will only assign staff or engage colleagues with the knowledge and expertise needed to serve my clients effectively.

4.0  Before accepting any engagement, I will ensure that I have worked with my clients to establish a mutual understanding of the objectives, scope, work plan, and fee arrangements.

5.0  I will treat appropriately all confidential client information that is not public knowledge, take reasonable steps to prevent it from access by unauthorized people, and will not take advantage of proprietary or privileged information, either for use by myself, the client's firm, or another client, without the client's permission.

6.0  I will avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of such and will immediately disclose to the client circumstances or interests that I believe may influence my judgment or objectivity.

7.0  I will offer to withdraw from a consulting assignment when I believe my objectivity or integrity may be impaired.

8.0  I will refrain from inviting an employee of an active or inactive client to consider alternative employment without prior discussion with the client.

My Commitment to Fiscal Integrity

9.0  I will agree in advance with a client on the basis for fees and expenses and will charge fees that are reasonable and commensurate with the services delivered and the responsibility accepted.

10.0  I will not accept commissions, remuneration, or other benefits from a third party in connection with the recommendations to a client without that client's prior knowledge and consent, and I will disclose in advance any financial interests in goods or services that form part of such recommendations.

My Commitment to the Public and the Profession

11.0 If within the scope of my engagement, I will report to appropriate authorities within or external to the client organization any occurrences of malfeasance, dangerous behavior, or illegal activities.

12.0  I will respect the rights of consulting colleagues and consulting firms and will not use their proprietary information or methodologies without permission.

13.0  I will represent the profession with integrity and professionalism in my relations with my clients, colleagues, and the general public.

14.0  I will not advertise my services in a deceptive manner nor misrepresent or denigrate individual consulting practitioners, consulting firms, or the consulting profession.

15.0  If I perceive a violation of the Code, I will report it to the Institute of Management Consultants USA and will promote adherence to the Code by other member consultants working on my behalf.